Thursday, December 28, 2006

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{mosimage}Episode #12,922----Emily goes to plant damning evidence at Fairwinds against Craig while Meg distracts him at the farm. Meg hints that she would go to a party with Craig, as Emily breaks in through a window, and finds a place to hide the bullets. Meg and Craig come back to his place, and Meg worries Emily is still there. When Craig is on the verge of finding the bullets, Meg distracts him with a New Year’s kiss.

Adam tries to downplay kissing Gwen to Will, but then takes full responsibility, and hopes Will won’t make Gwen quit. Meanwhile, Gwen tells Maddie about Adam’s kiss and they debate the meaning of it. Later, Adam wishes Jade would have come to him when she first learned about the kiss. Jade admits she was upset over Adam kissing Gwen, and her realization of how much how much she cared about him. Will tells Gwen he doesn’t want her to quit the music business. Gwen tells Adam she’s back in, and dismisses any feelings she has about the kiss.

Everyone converges at the Lakeview for Kim and Bob’s holiday party. Katie asks Bob where he got the diamond, and asks Bob if she can borrow it. He reluctantly agrees, and Katie tells Henry all she has to do is turn the rock over and Simon will be on his way to jail. Henry cautions that he believes Simon has real feelings for Carly. Henry shows a jeweler the diamond and calls it as the one from Simon’s Leonia heist. Jack reads the jeweler her rights, and Katie tells Jack to go up and arrest Simon. Meanwhile, Simon and Carly have come together, unable to stay away and begin to make love in Simon’s room.

Casey is surprised Adam isn’t going to tell Margo about the gambling. Later, Elwood urges Casey to get in on a New Year’s game, but Casey turns him down even though he’s torn. Later, Casey tries to tell Tom and Margo about his on-line gambling, but he doesn’t get the chance.

When the Snyder family arrives at the New Years party, Holden and Lily take to the dance floor, but Faith thinks it’s all a show. Faith passes when food is offered, and Lily and Holden finish their dance to mad applause. Faith is still unimpressed.

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