Thursday, December 21, 2006

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{mosimage}Episode #12,918----Iris goads Will about Adam’s interest in Gwen. Later, Gwen abbreviates the truth about the kiss, and writes it off as Iris just wanting to cause trouble. On their way out they run into Adam, and Will says Gwen told him “all about what happened” in LA and thanks him for helping Gwen. Adam and Gwen exchange a private look.

When Adam warns Casey he must confess his gambling addiction to Margo, Casey ultimately can’t go through with it. Casey wants to wait until after Christmas and Adam reluctantly agrees.

Henry reminds Katie that nailing Simon won’t guarantee she’ll get Mike back. Emma invites a lonely Mike, and surprisingly Vienna over for Christmas dinner. Looking for Jack, Katie arrives at the farm and finds Vienna in Mike’s arms. Emma steers Vienna out of the room to leave Mike and Katie alone, and Katie invites Mike to come back to the cottage for Christmas.

Simon presents Carly with tickets to Hawaii for Christmas but off Jack’s warning that she will lose her kids if she continues her love affair, she tells him they can never be together again. Simon understands but won’t give her up because he loves her. Carly thanks Simon for all he’s given her, but she can’t risk losing her children. Later, Carly tells Jack she broke it off with Simon for good, and brings her to Emma’s where they find Katie, Mike and Vienna.

Meg tells Craig because of all the tricks he pulled to expose Paul, the three of them are alone. Craig makes an advance and Meg rejects him. Later, Margo reassures Craig that if he changes his ways, Lucy and Johnny might be home next Christmas.

As Paul hangs from the car, seemingly lifeless, he has a surreal vision of a man in a cape and top hat with a death mask. Meg arrives at the crash site, pushes through the crowd and finds Paul in the car wreck. She checks his vitals, and is shocked to find him dead.

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