Thursday, April 26, 2007

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{mosimage}Episode #13,002----Will questions Gwen about Carly’s e-mail, but she hesitates, as the message specifically asks her to tell no one and meet her in Montana. Later, Maddie examines the e-mail, and surmises that Jade sent it, not Carly. Angry Will calls Jade and warns that he and Gwen are onto her. Later, Will tells Gwen that if the e-mail really was from Carly, she’ll reach out to Gwen again.

Jade interrupts Cleo fantasizing about being Gwen. Jade tells Cleo that Will and Gwen have discovered their plan and Gwen won’t be leaving town. Cleo insists Jade give her a chance at running things. Jade discovers Gwen’s stolen clothes and calls off the plan, but Cleo insists it’s not over yet.

Parker and Faith skip a school pep rally, and Parker tells her he wanted to spend time with her. The two open up about their family issues. Parker tells Faith she’s cute and they share a bonding moment.

Henry discovers that Katie has set him up for a romantic run-in with Vienna. Henry tells Vienna about hearing her with Brad the day after their ruined wedding. Vienna reveals Brad turned her down, and insists that a weekend together won’t make Henry love her. Later, Henry sees Vienna taking care of Maddie and he’ struck by her softer side.

Jack walks in on Katie carrying sexy lingerie. Katie tells Jack they should forget about their kiss, and tells Jack about her plan to lure Henry and Vienna back together. Later, Margo tells Jack that Katie wants to explore what they have together. Brad calls Jack, reveals that he and Katie are spending the night together, alone in the country. .

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