Monday,August 21, 2006

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{mosimage}Episode #12,834----Meg gets her job back at Memorial and her firstpatient is Emily. Emily demands Meg call Paul. Paul tells Emily she needs to relax, that’s why he helped her with work the other night. Meg overhears. She wonders when Paul planned to tell her.

Confronted by Dallas, Maddie screams that maybe she wasn’t raped after all. Privately, Margo tells Henry that’s typical when a victim is protecting her attacker. Henry notices Maddie cower around Louis. Margo tries to get through to Maddie, but she’s too scared. Henry accuses Louis of raping Maddie!

Out to dinner with Will, Jade runs into Holden, Luke and the baby. Later, Will tells Jade he’s moving back to the cottage and, at the hospital, Luke apologizes to Lily for doubting her. Emma urges Holden to give the baby a name, but Holden wants to wait for Lily.

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