Monday, September 24, 2007

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{mosimage}Episode #13,107----Henry gives away the bride and Katie and Jack’s wedding ceremony begins. Brad’s ringing phone interrupts the ceremony, and he leaves. When he doesn’t come back, Jack decides they’re having the wedding without him, and he and Katie are pronounced husband and wife. Parker begins to worry about Carly when he can’t reach her. The happy couple prepare for their honeymoon, when Katie tosses the bouquet right in the hands of entering Brad.

After fainting, Carly’s distraught that she can’t remember who she is or what happened. A cop moves in and recognizes Carly as Jack’s ex, and the cop insists she come with him to the station. Brad arrives and persuades Carly to go to the hospital for her kids’ sake. Carly finally agrees to go to the hospital. The neurologist hypothesizes that Carly is experiencing seizures and says it’s critical she begin treatment ASAP. Carly remains reluctant to spend any of the time she has left confined at the hospital.

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