Monday, September 11, 2006

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{mosimage}Episode #12,847----Carly hesitates about flying off with Simon to get her divorce, citing injured Gwen as a reason. But Will insists he can take care of his wife. Meanwhile, Jack is wondering whether to go through with the divorce. He arrives at Carly’s and is stunned when she tears up the papers. Carly says she’s speeding up the process, flying to Santo Domingo to get this done in 48 hours. Jack doesn’t want her going alone. She says she’ll be with Simon. They share a moment of closeness, but she takes off with Simon as Jack watches.

Elsewhere, Lucinda pressures Dusty to bring Lucy as his date to a business lunch. Dusty balks. But when he runs into Lucy, he babbles through an invite. Lucy wonders if it’s a date. Dusty babbles some more, and Lucy lets him off the hook, agreeing to go as his “non-date.”

At the same time, Holden isn’t happy to come home and see Jade holding baby Ethan. Luke suggests they hire Jade as their sitter, but Holden insists she’s untrustworthy and will never be a part of their lives again. Jade is stung.

Meanwhile, Katie is upset to discover she isn’t pregnant. Mike assures her it will happen soon.

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