Monday, October 2, 2006

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{mosimage}Episode #12,862----Paul tries to keep Emily calm while Meg works valiantly to save the baby. But even when it becomes clear Meg’s efforts are in vain, Emily refuses to believe that her baby is gone and goes into a temporary state of denial, accusing Paul of switching her baby with the now-dead baby in order to keep Emily from raising their child. With Meg’s help, Emily finally comes to accept that her baby is really dead and while Paul pulls Emily and their baby close, Meg stands by watching and wondering what more will come.

While Mike and Katie rejoice in having found each other despite the horrible storm, Simon and Carly have decided to make the best of things in the now-finished apartment. But just when it looks like Carly’s about to give into her attraction to Simon and finally make love, an electrical pole hits the building and a wall caves in, trapping Carly and Simon. Simon manages to free himself and Carly. But when they survey the damage, they both realize everything they’ve been working so hard for has been completely destroyed. Hence, Simon suggests the only thing he thinks can make them feel better – to get drunk.

Meanwhile, Holden’s reeling off finding Lily awake, although clearly suffering some after effects of the coma. Bob assures it’s all to be expected and hopefully, in time, Lily’s memory will return. But even as Holden and Luke do their best not to press Lily about what she remembers, Holden is not prepared to discover Lily doesn’t remember that they have a new baby.

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