Monday, October 16, 2006

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Episode #12,872----Jade reveals to Luke that she’s not really pregnant and Luke threatens to tell Will if Jade doesn’t come clean. Luke then tries to make Jade realize that there is no hope for her in regards to Will; his heart belongs to someone else. Jade gets rid of Luke and calls Gwen, asking her to meet. When Will arrives at the hospital, he reads from Luke’s attitude that something is going on just as Gwen and Jade come face-to-face.

Meanwhile, everyone is appalled at Craig’s plan to name a foundation in Jennifer’s honor except for Dusty who has a surprisingly calm reaction. Meanwhile, Craig comes upon Meg and when she accuses him of just using her to annoy Paul, Craig gets an idea.

Across town, when Carly discovers Simon’s suitcase full of money, she rails at him for doing exactly what Jack predicted he would do. Simon admits that he is trouble and tells Carly to make a clean break from him while she still can. Meanwhile, Jack tells Mike that Carly is sleeping with Simon and Mike makes it clear he doesn’t want Katie to know.