Monday, June 5, 2006

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Episode #12,779---Hearing that Nick is dead, Mike pulls away from Katie. Jack and Carly learn the news and Jack leaves to take Katie’s statement – but promises Carly he’ll be back. Hal asks Mike if what Katie said is true – did she have no choice but to shoot Nick dead? Mike confirms her story, but still won’t take his grateful wife’s hand. Meanwhile, Parker and JJ visit Carly in the hospital and tell her Jack has moved back home. Carly tells a teary Katie that when people love each other like Katie and Mike – or Jack and Carly – no crises is ever so major that it can’t be fixed. Later, when Katie tries to apologize for killing Nick, Mike tells her it’s all his fault. And turns away from his wife.

Holden is stunned to see Damian breaking bread with Lily and Luke and throws the interloper out. Lily swears Damian’s visit was innocent. So why didn’t Lily tell Holden about it then? Is she hoping Damian can help “fix” Luke in a way that Holden can’t? Lily denies. Luke returns and apologizes to Holden about finding Damian in the house. Luke stresses that Holden is his only father, his real father, and nothing will ever change that. But, the thing is, ever since Damian arrived, Lily has been more accepting towards him. Luke admits that he never doubted his mother’s love – until now. Holden insists that Lily loves him, but Luke wonders whom she really loves: him, or the person she thought he was? Luke also wonders, if Damian advocates for Luke with Lily, maybe Holden and Lily won’t need to be at odds over him anymore.

As Will hides from the principal, Jade tells Gwen that Maddie has every right to hate her; after all, Jade hasn’t proven herself very trustworthy lately. The principal finds Will and tells him he knows he cheated – Will won’t be allowed to graduate. Gwen comes home and wants to know what’s wrong. Will can’t tell her.