Monday, June 4, 2007

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{mosimage}Episode #13,029----Craig arrives having invited Holden and Lily to witness his marriage proposal to Meg. Lucinda arrives, and tells Lily about the plan for Meg to marry Craig and get WorldWide back. Holden tries to get to the bottom of things with Meg. Holden is upset after Lily explains why Meg is considering marrying Craig and accuses Lucinda of making her a sacrificial lamb. Lucinda tries to waylay Paul who’s looking for Meg. Paul storms over to Craig as he proposes to Meg, saying she can’t marry Craig.

Jack talks to Parker about running off and defends Carly. Parker wonders if Jack’s still in love with her, but Jack says his relationship with Carly was settled long ago. Parker says he doesn’t want to be around Carly, and Jack agrees to respect his wishes.

Carly accuses Katie of wanting to replace her. Carly tells Jack to make it clear she’s the kids’ only mother and she’s here to stay. Jack tells Carly their plan for her sleepover was premature. JJ accuses Parker of pushing Carly away and trying to keep them from being a family again.

Henry encourages Brad to consider there’s life after Katie. Henry coaches Brad to talk to the next pretty woman who enters, as Carly walks in. Carly “thanks” Brad for telling her about Katie and Jack. Brad offers Carly a drink and flirts, asking her to get a room with him.

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