Monday, July 9, 2007

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{mosimage}Episode #13,054----Dusty reveals to Emily that he’s booked them a trip to Bermuda, and they head off to pack for the trip. Meanwhile, Lance tries to expose Alison’s past, but Aaron tells him he already knows. Later, Lance sneaks back in and plants a tape on the TV. Alison is stunned to see Aaron watching a tape of her with Dusty. Alison explains to Aaron that Emily and Dusty weren’t together when Alison slept with Dusty, and begs Aaron to forget about this. As Aaron is leaving, happy Emily and Dusty arrive, and off the weird vibe Dusty demands to know what’s going on.

Gwen is handed a taped-together page from Cleo’s diary. Gwen, believing Jade off the evidence of the diary, calls Will to warn him. Meanwhile, Cleo is apologetic as she ties up unconscious Will. Later, Cleo comes back and promises to take Gwen to Will. Instead, Gwen spots Jade whom Cleo has tied to the tracks. Cleo knocks Gwen out then ties her up as well. Cleo runs off, Gwen and Jade stop their arguing and work together, as an oncoming train approaches.

Meanwhile, Luke’s completely thrown when he finds Maddie and Noah in bed together. Noah thinks Luke’s jealous because he has a thing for Maddie, but Luke informs Noah that he’s gay. Surprised Noah says it doesn’t matter to him. Later, Maddie finds Will and unties him, but he’s concerned about where Cleo is. Cleo dresses as Gwen to get the cops off her trail. As Cleo tries to escape, Gabe arrives to escort “Gwen” to the stage for her duet with Andy Williams.

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