Monday, July 30, 2007

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{mosimage}Episode #13,069----Aaron sees Alison dropping off an envelope for Dusty and confronts her. Insulted Alison tells Aaron to stop spying on her and leave her alone. Dusty takes tearful Ali out of the diner to collect herself. Meanwhile, the Lakeview bar manager asks Aaron to train a new waitress, Sofie.

Holden comes home from looking for JJ and is shocked to find Craig there. Meg is defensive regarding Craig’s presence, and she talks about her confused feelings. Meg wonders what Paul would think if he could see her now? Later, emotional Meg asks Craig to stop manipulating her feelings and winds up drawn into a lip lock with him.

Barbara arrives at the hospital in British Columbia and is devastated to find Paul unresponsive to her presence. Barbara wills Paul to come back to them, as Paul dreams of Rosanna. Paul wakes up and asks Barbara where Rosanna is. Later, Barbara’s displeased when Paul expresses eagerness to go home to Meg.

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