Monday, July 3, 2006

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Episode # 12, 7999----While and Mike and Vienna weather the storm locked in the stateroom, Katie and Simon struggle to remain afloat when the boat leaves them stranded in the middle of the ocean. Simon urges an exhausted Katie to swim, rallying her spirits with memories of their adventurous past, but a wave overtakes them. Only the life preserver floats resurfaces.

Elsewhere, while helping Carly with a clasp on her necklace, both Carly and Jack feel drawn to one another. Jessica walks in and sees the bond between them and asks if she should continue filing the divorce papers. They tell her to proceed.

As for Carly’s sister, Gwen gives Casey advice on his break up with Maddie, while she baby-sits Johnny. Will walks in on the scene and sensing his discomfort, Casey leaves. Alone with Gwen, Will breaks down and tells her his sister is dying.

Meanwhile, Dallas urges Maddie to talk to him, revealing that she was involved with a sexual assault in Chicago. Casey walks in on and confronts Maddie on denying that she knew Dallas. She demands that Casey leave her alone, telling him that she doesn’t love him.

At the same time, Jennifer asks Dusty to marry her and he agrees, admitting to Kim that he hopes the wedding will keep Jennifer strong while he works to find a treatment.