Monday, July 17, 2006

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Episode #12,809--Seeing Dusty enter the courtroom, Emily decides to plead not guilty to his kidnapping. Dusty announces he won’t testify against Emily. Paul blows a gasket. Dusty ignores him and the case against Emily is dropped. Furious, Paul screams, “Then arrest her for shooting me!” Alas, they have no proof, and Emily is set free. Paul seethes.

Meanwhile, Maddie takes the knife she’s been clutching and leaves Crash without Casey and Lia spotting her. In the parking lot, she rips the upholstery in Lia’s car to shreds. Casey grabs her and she screams, still in stuck in a flashback.

At the same time, Will is shocked when Barbara follows through and gives him access to his trust fund. Barbara beams that she only wants to help her children. To that end, she’s found Will and Gwen a lovely new home. It’s right next door to her!

Across town, Lucinda wonders why Simon hides to keep Katie and Mike from spotting him at the Lakeview and accuses him of wanting Katie back. Later, Simon sends Katie her lost wedding ring back. She beams that it proves Simon has accepted Katie and Mike’s love. Mike isn’t so sure.