Monday, July 10, 2006

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Episode #12,804----Simon continues lying to Katie and says it may be days – years! – before they’re found, so they might as well get settled into their new island home. Katie insists Mike will rescue her. When a golfer shows up, Simon tells him he and his wife are having a little island fantasy and to just go away. Katie can’t find her wedding ring. Meanwhile, as Mike rants about Simon, the golfer from before thinks he knows the chap Mike is talking about…

Jack tells Carly to throw Jade out before she does to Carly what she did to Lily and Holden. Carly tells him when he walked out, he lost his right to dictate policy in their house. He has to stop acting like her husband. He has to stop confusing her.

Dusty refuses to leave Jen’s bedside or let her body be taken away. He won’t listen to Barbara, Hal or Bob. Paul talks to him and Dusty threatens to bash his brains in. Paul tells Dusty to go ahead, he’s got it coming. Dusty doesn’t and instead, allows Jen’s body to be taken away. At the memorial service, Barbara is moved to tears by the collage of Jennifer that Gwen’s created. She asks Gwen to sing at the service.