Friday, May 26, 2006

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Episode #12,773----Carly rushes upstairs to call Jack about Del, when the stairs collapse, trapping her, Katie, and their intruder. Carly climbs out a window to go for help, while Katie’s previously dead cell-phone comes to life with a call from Mike. Del jumps her and all Mike hears is his wife’s screams. Del escapes up the crushed stairs while Katie wriggles out the same window Carly did. Jack catches Del in his house, but doesn’t get a chance to find out who he is before Mike bursts in and tackles him. Del says that Nick killed Maya. Carly and Katie end up back at her cottage. They realize Nick’s taken off. They hear a car out back and follow, jumping in with Nick as he attempts to escape.

Luke complains to Lucinda that Lily might never accept his being gay. Lucinda urges him to give his mother the chance to do the right thing. Meanwhile, Lily realizes Damian is the one whose been following Luke. Damian swears his situation has been fixed and no one is out to get him or his family any longer. He asks to speak to Luke. Lily insists that’s not a good idea. Damian accepts her wishes, but gives Lily a Grimaldi heirloom to give to Luke to pass on to his own son. Lily bursts into tears. Luke comes home and Damian begs Lily to let him see his son.

Will changes his mind about getting calculus answers from Jade, but reconsiders when he sees how much their graduating together means to Gwen. Gwen invites Jade to the graduation party at CRASH to thank her for being such a good friend to Will. Will leaves his cell phone behind and Maddie answers; it’s the woman from the essay site. Maddie accuses Will of cheating to graduate.