Friday, March 30, 2007

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{mosimage}Episode #12,984----Dusty joins Lucinda for a drink, and they commiserate over the change in Lily lately. Dusty gives Craig his letter of resignation, and reminds Craig his latest stunt will only drive Lucy and Johnny further away from him. Later, a defeated Dusty sees Jen’s reflection in a storefront window and feels he’s let her down.

Lily takes a pill as Lucinda charges in looking for answers. She hides the pill bottle from her mother but spills them and Lucinda discovers the reason Lily’s been acting so strangely. Lily tries to defend herself, and Faith overhears her mother deny she has a drug habit. Lucinda tells Lily to call Holden, but Lily refuses. Later, Faith enters to face her mother but can’t.

Maddie vetoes the idea of heading back to Oakdale since Casey will go to jail for jumping bail. Casey insists on doing the right thing, and assures Maddie whatever they have to face back in Oakdale they’ll get through it. Casey and Maddie begin to make love, realizing it could be their last night together. Meanwhile, Gwen is still upset by the near rape and feels guilt over what she did to Adam. Will understands she’s still traumatized and reaffirms his love for her, but Gwen remains very troubled.

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