Friday, March 2, 2007

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{mosimage}Episode #12,966----Katie tries to cover up her black eye, but when Kim gets a look at it, she tells Katie there’s no way she’ll let her go on-air. While cocky Brad prepares to do a sports interview, Jack approaches him and tells him to go easy with Katie. Katie lashes out at Brad, and he strikes back, hurting her feelings – which annoyed Jack witnesses.

When Vienna hears about how Henry sacrificed his happiness for Katie, she rewards him with a kiss. They start to make love, and after, Vienna is totally in love with Henry. Vienna has an idea for staying in the country. When Vienna mentions that Katie got hurt, Henry quickly puts in a call to Katie – annoying Vienna.

Meg takes her break early to move and is surprised that Craig has arrived to help. Meg tells Craig she won’t move in with him. Meanwhile, Holden wonders how Lily convinced Lucinda to release funds for the baby food project. Lily reacts defensively to Holden’s innocent questions regarding her business plans. When Meg and Craig arrive, Holden confronts Meg about what she’s doing with Craig. The baby food ladies ask Lily to be in the commercial for the product, and later, Meg surprises Craig with a kiss for helping her move.

Paul arrives at the farm and tells suspicious Meg that he’s there to check on the kids, and leaves a book for Parker. Paul is shaken when he picks up one of Ethan’s possessions and has a vision. Paul forces himself to continue with the vision and “sees” a hand reaching into a crib accompanied by a woman’s screams.

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