Friday, June 9, 2006

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Episode #12,783----Will wonders if Gwen wants out of their marriage. Gwen says no, but adds that she would like to know when Will intends to stop sabotaging himself. She reminds him that he can go to summer school and still graduate, but Will insists he doesn’t care. He only did the school thing for Gwen. The principal comes and reminds Gwen that she’s scheduled to sing at the graduation party. Gwen goes inside and Will ends up on the bridge, where he runs into Jade, who encourages him to embrace his bad-boy side, not fight it. Will and Jade kiss, then start to go further.

Luke sees Holden punch Damian and begs his two dads to stop fighting. Holden asks Luke to come home with him, but Damian reminds they were planning to spend the day together. Luke chooses to go with Holden. Damian calls Lily and tells her he was making progress with Luke – until Holden interfered. Lily refuses to take sides against her husband. Damian urges Lily to take Luke’s side. Meanwhile, Luke tells Holden that Damian and Holden are on the same side – they both accept him, while Lily doesn’t.

Bob, Kim, Barbara, Dusty and Jennifer celebrate Dusty’s adoption of Johnny. Lucy accidentally stumbles in, looking for Lily. Barbara begins to badmouth Lucy, but Jen says Craig’s actions aren’t Lucy’s fault. From across the room, Lucy sadly watches Dusty and Jen’s happiness. But the cheerful family is quickly sobered when Bob realizes that Johnny is very sick and needs to be rushed to the hospital.

Emily screams to Paul that no way is her baby spending a minute with Meg, and throws them both out. As Paul and Meg argue in the hallways, Emily beams. Paul suggests he and Meg keep fighting so that Emily will think they’re on the outs and not terminate her pregnancy, but Meg refuses to tell any more lies. Paul goes back to Emily and proceeds to lie. He says that Meg is against him being involved in his child’s and if that’s the case, well, then, they’ll probably break up. Emily doesn’t buy it. For Meg’s sake, Paul calls Emily’s bluff and agrees that she’s right. He’s lying. He loves Meg and wants to spend the rest of his life with her, so if Emily wants to go ahead and have an abortion, the choice is hers.