Friday, June 2, 2006

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Episode #12,778----As Carly begs Jack to promise he won't leave her again, Katie, to defend Mike, shoots and kills Nick. Katie turns to Mike for comfort, but he pulls away. At the hospital, Katie tells Jack that she shot Nick. And she doesn't know if Mike will ever forgive her.

Luke tells Damian he knows Lily told him about Luke being gay. So why is Damian here -- to talk Luke out of it? Damian says no. But he would like to help Luke reconcile with his mother. Damian suggests that Lily is just feeling left out. Maybe if Luke opened up his heart and explained how exactly he came to his decision.... Later, Damian tells Lily he's won Luke's trust and they can proceed as planned. The three settle down to coffee together as Holden comes home.

Lucy apologizes to Jen for everything Craig did to her, then mentions that she already met Johnny. With Dusty. Later, Lucy assures Lucinda she isn't going to get between Dusty and Jen. Meanwhile, Dusty tells Jennifer he's over his old love. His heart belongs to only one woman now. But Jen wonders how Lucy feels about HER former lover.