Friday, July 27, 2007

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{mosimage}Episode #13,068----Gwen and Will try to distract Sage from worrying about JJ. Barbara offers to help Will and Gwen financially, and they accept. Later, Barbara gets word that Paul is alive but in critical condition.

Craig tells Meg he knows she loved Paul, and remembering Bryant, Craig empathizes with Carly and Jack. When Barbara sees Meg with Craig, she decides not to tell her about Paul.

Katie tells Carly she has to tell the police about the lead Jack is following. Henry tells Katie he knows where Jack is. Meanwhile, Ava has a hand over JJ’s mouth as Jack calls for him. JJ drops a baseball card for Jack to find, and learns they plan on killing Jack. Silas lights the fuse to the dynamite. After the explosion, Jack is buried in rubble. Katie arrives in time to see Jack wake up in Carly’s arms. Carly tells Katie to back off, as she wonders where JJ is. Silas tells JJ he’s not going home. Katie hears Jack tell Carly he loves her.

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