Friday, January 12, 2007

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{mosimage}Episode #12,931----Maddie walks in on Casey stealing money from Margo’s stash, but he covers and she reaffirms her trust in him. Casey parks Maddie at the house and hurries off to pay off the rest of the people he owes. Later, Casey’s guilt increases as Maddie praises his parents and his relationship to them.

Holden senses Lily’s stressed when Lucinda offers to take Faith on vacation. Holden comforts Lily about Faith, and reassures Lily about her weight. Determined to lose more, Lily’s about to take more diet pills but Holden catches her. Meanwhile, Lucinda doesn’t let Craig intimidate her, when he says he still holds her responsible for Lucy leaving.

Panicked Emily tries to reach Daniel by phone, but can’t reach him. She runs out to search the parking lot and runs into Craig who wonders if there’s a problem. When Daniel isn’t at Tom and Margo’s, Emily is forced to admit to them that he’s missing. Realizing that Craig may be involved, Emily makes her excuses and hurries out. Tom’s anxiety ratchets and he has a heart attack. Emily asks Craig what he did with her son.

Vienna calls the prince to alert him about Carly’s arrest. Simon thanks Vienna for her help and tries to dissuade her from tagging along, but she’s not having it. Vienna tries to cajole the scary guard into letting her in with a huge crate – which supposedly contains a nude statue of her but actually contains Simon. The guard doesn’t buy it and exits to call the prince, and Simon persuades Vienna to go after the guard. The guard returns and pries open the crate, coming face-to-face with Simon.

Jack tells Carly that he’s been ordered to transfer her to the Leonian consulate. Carly tells Jack that he was right – Simon has abandoned her. Carly apologizes for ruining their marriage, and Jack admits his part in it. Jack arrives with a nervous Carly at the consulate, and they say goodbye. Carly enters the room, discovers the empty crate, the knocked out guard, and Simon.

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