Friday, February 23, 2007

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{mosimage}Episode #12,961----After waking up with Meg, Craig asks her to live with him at Fairwinds, but she wonders what strings are attached. Craig promises Meg will simply be his houseguest, unless she’s wants something more. Later, Meg learns from the motel manager that Craig’s paid her bill, and expects her to move out immediately. Later, he offers his help again, but Meg wants to take care of herself from now on.

Jack, Parker and JJ share a tense breakfast. Parker turns down Jack’s invitation to a hockey game. Jack is called to the TV station, leaving Parker and JJ to get to school on their own, after Parker insists that Jack can trust him.

Katie gets ready to do an on-camera cooking segment and is delighted when Brad is a no-show. As Katie does her cooking segment, Brad enters with the dog that attacked the kids. Brad steals the spotlight by describing his rescue of the dog, who suddenly breaks away and eats Katie’s meatloaf. Kim orders Brad to smooth things out with Katie, but he only makes things worse when he brings up Mike.

Despite Maddie’s argument that Adam doesn’t want to be found, Margo is ready to leave for LA and search for him. Casey stalls Margo by announcing he has news and reads aloud “Adam’s” admission of guilt and selfishness. Margo reads as “Adam” insists he will stay in hiding because he can’t face any of the people who love him.

Gwen privately calls Maddie who admits she authored the email from Adam. Margo, Casey and Will compare the emails. Jade arrives and declares it makes no sense that Adam didn’t write to her. Luke tells Jade to accept the fact that Adam didn’t care about her, but she lashes out. Jade apologizes for striking out at Luke, but vows to get back at Gwen and Maddie for humiliating her. Gwen and Maddie try to convince themselves the problem with Adam will go away, but they panic when Margo announces a body has been found in the woods.

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