Friday, February 2, 2007

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{mosimage}Episode #12,946----Lily leaves food for Faith to eat, and Faith tells Luke she hates Lily. Natalie tells Luke that Faith threw up and Luke tells Faith he knows what she’s doing.

Kim wants to help depressed Katie, and offers her a job. Vienna, not knowing Mike has left Katie, asks her how Mike handled her cheating on him. Katie makes Vienna have second thoughts about how she lives her life. Later, Brad tells Vienna he wants to spend the night with her. When Vienna sends him packing he blames Katie.

Jack discovers that Parker has been skipping school. JJ says he saw Parker sneak out, but doesn’t know where he went. Jack finds that he just can’t get through to Parker. Meanwhile, Parker tells Paul he used to be like him and wonders why he couldn’t “see” what was going to happen to Carly. Paul tells Parker he can’t control the visions, and later “sees” a bracelet falling off a woman’s wrist.

Meg asks if Craig created the diary that cleared her of Sarah’s death. Meg says Craig is only helping her so that he can have her, but Craig tells her he only wants what’s best for her. Meg kisses Craig, and her bracelet falls off her wrist.

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