Friday, December 1, 2006

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{mosimage}Episode #12,904----Lily worries about the state of her marriage to Lucinda. Meanwhile, Holden avoids being seen with Tea. Lily confides in her mother about feeling fat, and is depressed because a favorite dress doesn’t fit. Holden enters and Lily asks if something’s wrong with their marriage but Holden reassures Lily that he adores her.

Carly tries to ignore Katie, but Katie keeps asking questions about the necklace. Carly maintains that Katie’s prying because of Mike’s leaving and Katie’s never-ending interest in Simon. Simon shows Carly a note supposedly left by Vienna, revealing she knows the truth, but Simon insists it’s a hoax perpetrated by Katie. Simon tells Katie he made all his recent cash in real estate and she should back off of him and Carly, as Vienna appears. Meanwhile, Carly asks Jessica when her parole is up. Jessica suggests that if Carly has something to confess, she tell her now.

Before Emily can spill to Meg about Paul’s attempt to murder Craig, Craig awakens. Paul realizes that Craig promised to get Paul for Emily, while Emily realizes that Meg and Paul aren’t as close as she thought. Alone, Paul tells Emily not to give up on a future between them. When Meg joins them, Paul’s confident enough to challenge Emily to tell Meg, but Emily covers for him. When Emily leaves, Paul suggests to Meg that they get married tonight.

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