Friday, August 25, 2006

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{mosimage}Episode #12,838----Kevin tells Luke he’s sure Luke will find some way to mess up the Raven Lake fun for everyone. Luke tells Jade he can’t go, but she changes his mind. He, in turn, urges her to tell Will how she feels. Meanwhile, Henry encourages Maddie to find Casey and clear the air. But when she gets to Tom and Margo’s, she overhears that Casey is going with Gwen. She lies to Henry and Eve and heads to the campground herself.

At Raven Lake, Gwen is shocked to see Will there. She’s even more shocked when Luke mentions Jade came up as well. And, though no one knows it yet, the slasher is there too…

Back in Oakdale, Simon apologizes to Carly for kissing her and they agree to focus on business. She goes to talk to Jack about the kids, but sees him in a close moment with Eve. She says it’s no big deal and leaves. When she returns to Simon, he’s naked.

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