Friday, August 10, 2007

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{mosimage}Episode #13,078----When Lily gives Holden an early birthday present, he tells her it doesn’t forgive what she’s done. Faith overhears and worries about her parent’s marriage. Lily reassures her they’ll be fine, but isn’t certain herself. She admits she’s been distant and lonely since Rose died and promises to be completely truthful with him.

Maddie interrupts a moment of near intimacy between Luke and Noah. Noah offers to take Maddie out, and she invites Luke to join them, but Noah blurts out “no.” He glances at Luke before he leaves with her, and Luke tries to distract himself with paperwork. While writing an “invisible girl” sketch, Luke speculates on Noah’s attraction and confusion. Maddie is stunned by Noah’s request that she switch to Oakdale U, but agrees to think about it.

Brad tells Katie that he needs help with Parker, but later admits he knew she was worrying about Jack and wanted to take her mind off it. Brad encourages Katie to celebrate her engagement to Jack and the two begin to play poker, with Brad removing his shirt as a last resort.

Silas threatens Carly with an axe; JJ hits him from behind with a lamp, and runs for the door with Carly. JJ gets through the door, but Silas stops Carly. Carly assures JJ that Jack will find him, and Silas realizes Jack is with Carly. Silas calls Kit and informs her that Jack is a cop. Kit lies to Jack, leading him to the cabin where Silas waits for him. Silas disarms Jack and handcuffs him and Carly together. JJ’s terrified when Kit says to get rid of Jack and Carly for good, as Jack and Carly work together to break free.

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