Episode Summary: 4/12/06

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Episode #12,741 -- Meg learns from Emma that the key she found in Emily’s purse is the kind used for heavy farming equipment, while Paul tries to charm his new bride with a home-cooked breakfast and a cock-and-bull story about how Meg is obsessed with him, but it’s Emily that he loves. To prove his point, Paul kisses Emily, but she freezes when she catches sight of Paul’s bullet wound. Paul tells her it’s okay, he forgives her and they start to make love, just as Meg is calling him with news about the key.

Lily tells Jade her free ride is over. She is going to get a job at the Oakdale Library – Lily has already made all the arrangements. Jade is less than thrilled. She tells Luke that Holden covered for her with Lily earlier, but Luke warns her that Holden won’t take Jade’s side over his mom’s for long. Jade wonders…

Later, she meets Will at the library, and tells him, oh, yeah, he’s the kid who killed Rose, right? Also at the library, Katie is telling Nancy how upset Mike is about “Oakdale Confidential.” Nancy says she thinks she knows who Anonymous is. Meanwhile, Mike tells Nick that “Oakdale Confidential” could be a big problem for them. If people start digging into his past, Nick knows what they’ll find…

Gwen and Casey are working on music for the club, when Barbara makes sure Gwen “overhears” that the gig was Barbara’s idea. Gwen tells Casey she’s quitting, but Barbara convinces her she was only trying to make amends and do something nice. Will catches Barbara and Gwen together.