Episode Summary: 4/10/06

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Episode #12,739 -- Jennifer and Meg each wonder what the other is doing outside of Paul’s penthouse on his wedding night. Inside, Paul, for his part, is wondering why he’s with Emily. Emily isn’t wondering. She’s busy ripping his clothes off. Paul is rather thrilled when he hears Jennifer knocking on his door, saying they need to talk. Paul suggests he drive her home so they can chat. Emily almost has a brain hemorrhage and tells Paul that if he walks out that door, don’t bother coming back. Paul convinces Emily this is for their future. Later, he swears to Jen he doesn’t know where Dusty is. Meanwhile, an escaped Dusty has gotten his foot caught in a bear trap. And now Emily is standing right over him. Luke tells Holden he knows Jade is upsetting to Lily, but Luke would really like to be with the person he cares about and not have it be a big deal. When Jade hears that Holden didn’t tell Lily he’d come to see Jade, she assures Luke that Holden is now on their side. Lucinda drags Lily to a publishing party for a new novel, “Oakdale Confidential.” It’s marketed as a work of fiction, but Katie, Carly and Maddie are on the cover. The author is Anonymous. Margo wonders if Katie is the culprit. Gwen, Will and Casey think it’s Maddie, who first denies, but, when Casey suggests she could have never written a book, changes her mind and claims to be the author. A claim that a furious Mike – whose past is a part of the book’s plot – overhears and confronts her about. Also, Jack, who learned about the book as he was signing his separation papers, heads to the party to confront Carly about being the author. Lucinda tells the assembled guests that Anonymous is in the room and should step forward.