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Home As the World Turns As the World Turns Weekly Episode Summary, Week of October 5, 2009

As the World Turns Weekly Episode Summary, Week of October 5, 2009

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Jon Hensley (Holden, As the World Turns)(Episode #13,617-13,621----As Holden and Maeve look for a way to out of the cellar, they discover Skagg's missing money as well as a 2x4 beam. Holden promises to help Maeve when they are freed and the two start trying to bash in the cellar door. The cellar's structure collapses on them. Meanwhile, Eb has broken into Lily's house to get ransom money and is holding
Faith hostage. Damian attempts to get Eb to release Faith, but he insists on talking to Lily. Damian offers to pay Eb, but he freaks out and points the gun at Faith. Lily enters and sees Faith at gunpoint which distracts Eb enough for Damian to get the gun away. Eb impales himself on a fire poker as Faith goes to get Jack. Jack investigates Eb and determines that Eb and Maeve were just trying to get money from Lily and that Holden really is dead. Damian asks Lily to marry him. Meanwhile, Meg's still furious with Damian for not following through on the handwriting analysis. Unable to clear her mind she drops Eliza off at Fairwinds. Paul's disturbed by Meg's behavior, likening it to his own old obsessive behavior.

Shortly thereafter, Damian finds Meg at Snyder Farm and convinces her that his actions were for the best. Damian tells Meg he's sorry he ever hurt her and that he values their deep connection, but that he asked Lily to marry him. Meg's strangely comforted by this confession, as she's confident Lily will never accept Damian's proposal for the sake of her children. She confides in Paul that she thinks she now has more of a chance to be with Damian, when Lily inevitably refuses to marry him. Lily asks Luke, Faith, Natalie and Ethan what they think about Lily getting remarried so quickly and they tell her to do whatever she likes. Lily tells Damian she'll marry him and they decide to get married tomorrow. Meanwhile, Maeve takes injured and unconscious Holden to a Kentucky Hospital. A nurse friend of Maeve's, Renee, vows to take care of Holden and not tell the police she saw Maeve. Renee hides Maeve from the police and tells her that Eb's dead. Holden gets cleaned up and taken care of. Maeve goes back to the root cellar and grabs the money in the satchel. She returns to the hospital briefly to say goodbye to Holden and then she leaves. Later, Lily breaks the news to the extended family that she and Damian are getting married today. Lucinda threatens to boycott but shows up in the end. Emma is not pleased, and ends up going out of town. Meg starts the day by thinking there's a chance that she and Damian could get back together because Lily's children won't approve of their relationship, then is devastated to learn of the impending wedding. She shows up at Lily's and stands in the rain, watching.

Meanwhile, Holden wakes and goes to call Lily but feels like it would be too much of a shock to break the news over the phone. He prevails on Maeve's friend Renee to lend him her car so he can get back to Oakdale even though he's still weak. He arrives at the house just as a judge pronounces Lily and Damian man and wife. Everyone is in shock at Holden's return. Holden collapses but when he comes to he realizes Lily was marrying Damian and is upset. Holden goes upstairs and Lily gets rid of everyone, telling Damian she has to be with Holden. Lily tries to explain to Holden that she thought he was dead and it was too painful for her to be alone. But Holden is upset she didn't wait longer. She tells Holden to rest and she goes to see Damian. Damian tries to convince her that her choice is not so obvious since she must love Damian or she wouldn't have married him. He pulls her into a kiss. Lily responds but insists she's staying with Holden. Meanwhile, Meg suggests to Jack that Damian might have engineered Holden's disappearance and he tells her she's being absurd. Then Luke comes and tells them about Holden's return. They're overjoyed and Jack goes to see Holden. Meg finds Damian drinking in the lounge and pretends to be sympathetic. Damian blows her off, but when Lucinda finds her still in the bar, she tells Meg not to give up. Meg says she's up to the task. Jack visits Holden and tells him about the killing of Eb. Holden is relieved. Alone, Holden gets a phone call from Renee saying Maeve needs him. When Lily returns home, she finds Holden is gone.

Holden goes to Chicago to get Maeve out of police custody. He explains to the detective that Eb is dead and the money went up in flames so Det. Brown lets Maeve go. Holden returns to Oakdale. Maeve then shows up at the Snyder Farm and sees Meg, then heads to the Lakeview. Meg goes to Lily to confront her about Holden and Damian, and Lily gets so fed up she slaps Meg. Meg then hears that Holden isn't even there. Damian asks if Lily still loves him just as Holden returns. He goes upstairs to pack a bag and at later, he's at the Lakeview asking Lisa for a room.

Jack and Janet tell Brad that they want to adopt Liberty's baby. Brad thinks it's a terrible idea and will only confuse Liberty as well as her baby. Brad and Janet both go to Teri to try to get her on their side but Teri doesn't want to endorse an idea that Liberty won't like. Janet tries to convince Liberty that giving her child up to Janet and Jack is the best solution because then Liberty can be close to her daughter without having the responsibility of raising a child. Liberty's distraught by her mother's proposal, she knows if her child were to be raised around her she could never just act like a sister to him or her. She goes back to Fairwinds, but is immediately irritated by Emily who keeps offering her unwanted suggestions about what to eat and drink. Liberty goes off and Paul and Emily worry and wish the adoption papers would arrive soon.

Rosanna asks Teri if she would like to work for her, but Teri say she's too busy at Metro. Craig accuses Rosanna of only asking Teri back as a way to keep tabs on him. Rosanna says she wants Teri to protect her from Craig. Later on, Craig goes to visit Carly in rehab and sees Rosanna leaving. He's enraged because he assumes she told her sister that they slept together. However, Rosanna comes to his hotel room and explains that she went to Carly for a reminder of why she can't be with Craig. He admits that what they had was good and they sleep together again.

Noah is upset to learn that Mason has backed out of being his advisor and his new advisor doesn't share his vision. He tells Luke and Luke tells him to get back Mason, then come to his mother's wedding. Noah gets Mason to return and Mason suggests they go immediately to lock down a location they need. Noah agrees, the car breaks down and he misses the wedding. Noah finally shows up and tells Luke he had car trouble. He doesn't mention he was with Mason. Mason sees them at Java and lets it slip. Luke is upset and fights with Noah over the fact that he didn't tell Luke the whole truth. Noah tells Mason who suggests that Luke and Noah don't trust each other. Noah is insulted and tells Mason to lay off his personal life.

Henry gets threatening flowers from Ralph. He rushes out into the hallway and into Barbara, who thinks they're for her. Henry is desperate for the inheritance to be unfrozen, so he sleeps with Barbara. Katie hears this from the hallway and is confused. Ralph is at Metro smoking a cigar as Al's Diner itself begins to smoke, causing Vienna to pass out.
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