As the World Turns Episode Recaps, Wednesday, October 17, 2007

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{mosimage}Episode #13,124----Carly is afraid that Jack will learn the truth but Dr. Evers has an emergency and has to hang up. Carly says going back to Montana is what she needs to be cured, and Jack agrees to go with her.

Katie is upset that Snickers is loose in the diner. Brad catches Snickers and covers when the health department interferes. After telling Brad how upset she is about Carly and Jack, Katie asks Brad to stay. Katie thanks Brad for staying with her.

When Craig has to take a business call, Meg slumps against a wall, hit hard by how Paul talked of Rosanna. Meg tells Paul that running out on him the previous evening was a terrible mistake. Barbara tells Paul that Meg is stalking him. Later, Craig accepts that Meg doesn’t want to make love. Paul flashes to meeting Meg, can’t get her out of his mind, as Meg sends Paul a message. Paul gets a message from Meg to meet her tomorrow at the lake.

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