As the World Turns Episode Recaps, Wednesday, February 13, 2008

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{mosimage}Episode #13,204----Vienna fears Henry is bored with her when he shows no interest in curbing his gambling. Gray Gerard takes an interest in Vienna. Henry tries to get rid of Gray, but decides to play poker with him instead. Henry joins Gray’s poker game and loses big. Henry, unable to pay his debt to Gray, offers up the diner. Gray suggests a night with Vienna instead. Henry refuses and can’t admit to Vienna that he lost the diner.

Margo finds Matt with Casey and the two lie about how they met. Matt ingratiates himself to Tom and Margo by agreeing to be a good influence on Casey and cons Margo into inviting him to live with them. Casey warns Matt about lying to his parents. Tom thinks it is odd Margo would invite a stranger to live with them. Matt wants to know where Casey got the money to pay him back – and if there’s anymore of it.

Lucinda is haunted by her guilt over Dusty’s death. Lucinda confides in Paul and he assures her she’s not responsible for Evan’s actions. Lucinda blames Paul for having Worldwide returned to her. Paul wants to take advantage of Craig’s vulnerable state, but needs helps from Emily and Lucinda.

Craig tells Meg he’s changed his ways, but Meg tells him he got what he deserved and Craig rails at her for unfaithful during their marriage. Emily tells Craig she can help him find his son, Johnny. Paul shows up at Worldwide and shocks Meg with the news he owns the company. Emily tells Craig that Lucinda has plans to call Lucy - all he needs to do is eavesdrop to uncover the location of his children. Paul asks Meg to work for him and promises Meg a strictly business relationship. Craig overhears Lucinda say that Lucy and Johnny are in Barbados. Craig travels to Barbados.

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