As the World Turns Episode Recaps, Friday, December 14, 2007

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{mosimage}Episode #13,164----Gwen convinces Will they should help Sofie. Gwen manages to urge wary Sofie to open the door and discovers Sofie’s in labor. Gwen and Will take Sofie to the hospital. After a romantic bike ride, Alison and Aaron are feeling amorous once again. Alison remembers what was right about them and they begin to make love. When Aaron gets the call from Will, Alison encourages him to go to Sofie.

Carly enlists Jack’s help in dealing with the declined liquor license. Carly realizes Jack set up the liquor license fiasco. Carly wants to know when Jack’s going to be done punishing her. Carly reasons she needs the income from Metro to sustain her and the kids. Sam (via Cowboy Jack) accuses Parker of being mean to his siblings and his mom. Jack agrees to stop blocking Carly’s liquor license. Parker, further disturbed by Cowboy Jack’s veiled threats makes a fast escape. Carly invites Jack to New Year’s, but he declines Meg admits to Paul she viewed the baby’s potential birth defect as a punishment. Paul urges Meg to let herself off the hook and be happy. Craig confronts Rosanna with the tape from the lab. Rosanna asserts that by keeping the secret, she, Paul, Meg and Craig can be happy. Just as Rosanna retrieves the tape and seems to have made headway with Craig, Paul arrives home. Rosanna covers with a lie that Craig came to inform her about Paul and Meg’s affair. Paul wants complete honesty between him and Rosanna. Later, Meg invites Craig to bed, but he begs off. As Meg sleeps, Craig researches drugs that cause a miscarriage.

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