As the World Turns Episode Recap, Wednesday, September 24, 2008

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{mosimage}Episode #13,360----At the secluded beach cottage, James tries to give Meg a protein shake which she throws in his face. She tells him just because she signed a paper to save Paul’s life doesn’t mean she’ll give him her baby but he warns she’ll have no choice. Meg tries to run away and get help but there’s no one around and she collapses in pain in the middle of nowhere. James appears and helps her back to the cottage, and makes her calm down telling her she won’t be able to get away. He goes to get supplies and she pretends to be asleep but the minute he’s gone, she tries to get out again. She checks all the doors in the cottage and manages to pick the lock on one. She enters the room and finds a cage. Inside the cage, Dusty is sleeping. Meanwhile, Paul has a vision of the cottage and calls Jack. Jack gets Carly to draw it but it’s not enough to go on. Paul has another vision of swans and Carly figures out it might be on Swan Island. They give the info to Dallas who says he’ll send it out. Jack takes Carly home and says they make a good team. Paul dreams Meg is dead but wakes swearing he won’t let that happen.

Bonnie wants Dallas to give Derek a break but Dallas says he can’t unless she and Vienna don’t want charges pressed against him. Bonnie goes to talk to Vienna and Henry. At first, Vienna resists, but then she agrees to do it if Bonnie admits she’s got the hots for Derek. Henry wonders why that’s important and Vienna notes that if Bonnie is after Derek, she’ll leave Henry alone. They talk to Dallas and Derek is freed. Derek finds Bonnie and thanks her, asks if he’ll ever see her again. Bonnie says he knows where to find her. Meanwhile, Henry and Vienna go home and make love.

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