As the World Turns Episode Recap, Wednesday, October 29, 2008

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Episode #13,385----Alison’s kidnappers lead her to a dorm room and force her to take off her scrubs. They insinuate that they want her to act out one of her porn films. Later, Casey finds Ali hiding in Old Town in her underwear and lends her some clothes. Tom and Margo try to have a romantic evening, but are unhappy to come home and find another Stewart girl looking intimate with Casey. Casey and Ali search the dorms for the room in which she was held. They find it, Mark answer the door, and Casey pounces on him. The dorm security guard calls the cops on all the people who’ve gotten involved in the fight and they are all hauled off to jail. Margo and Tom are furious with Casey, despite his explanation of Alison’s kidnapping. Since Mark and the guys wore masks, Ali can’t finger them and they’re let go, while Casey (still on probation) is thrown in the tank until a judge can be called in the morning.

Janet and Jack announce to Carly and the kids that they’ll be getting married. Parker’s furious with Jack when Liberty explains this means he can’t be with Liberty. Sage can’t understand why Carly doesn’t do something to stop them from marrying. When Janet’s ring falls off, Sage hides it. Janet flips when she realizes the ring is gone, assuming it’s a bad omen. Carly catches Sage with the ring and returns it to Janet and Jack as she struggles to accept their union.

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