As the World Turns Episode Recap, Wednesday, October 15, 2008

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{mosimage}Episode #13,375----As Meg tells Paul he has to apologize to Dusty for the dirty trick he played, leading him on a wild goose chase after Johnny, Dusty asks Emily to go to Meg on his behalf and check on her. Emily is not happy about being their go-between and decides to blow it off. Paul, meanwhile, marginally apologizes to Dusty and then sees Emily in the lobby. He buys her a drink and they decide to team up to prevent a Meg/Dusty relationship. Meanwhile Bob visits Meg who tells her that her blood pressure is elevated and it’s due to stress. Emily returns to Dusty and lies, saying she checked on Meg and she’s fine. Later, Paul tells Meg he’s not obsessing any more and has the Dusty situation under control.

Alison and Casey are hanging out, both estranged from their partners. Kim finds Alison and asks her to talk to Chris, convince him not to leave for Africa because of Alison. Meanwhile, Aaron tells Chris that his marriage is over and it’s because of Chris. Alison calls Chris and tells him she wants to meet. Chris gets his hopes up, but Ali tells him she is doing a favor for his mother by asking him not to leave on her behalf, but she didn’t break up with Aaron because of Chris. Kim is hopeful about Chris changing his mind, but Bob tells her they have to respect Chris’s choices. Casey runs into Emily in the lobby, and he tells her he thinks she rejected him because of Dusty. Meanwhile, Alison confronts Aaron about telling Chris something that wasn’t true. Aaron calls Holden and says he needs to talk about a divorce. Later, Ali and Casey comfort each other by blowing off their classes and going skateboarding while Chris says goodbye to Bob and Kim and goes to Africa.

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