As the World Turns Episode Recap, Wednesday, November 21, 2007

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{mosimage}Episode #13,149----Katie lashes out at Brad, tipping to him that she knows the truth. Lonely Carly gets a visitor and hopes it’s Jack. Brad’s angry at Carly for getting him involved her lie. Katie’s insisting she’ll never forgive Brad when she opens the door to Jack. Jack invites Katie out, but she declines. Later, Carly tells Katie not to blame Brad for what Carly’s done. Jack and Brad are surprised by a visit from Katie – who wants Brad not Jack. Katie tells Brad she blames Carly, not him. Kit comes to see Carly and laments over being denied a second chance. When Carly hears Kit’s plans to buy Metro, she offers $100,000. Carly and Kit shake on their partnership.

Meg confides to Emma that she thinks Craig might steal the baby. Holden’s jealous as he observes Lily’s call with Dusty. When Lily seems concerned that dinner will be delayed, Holden assumes she has plans for later. Meg finds the text message luring Paul to a meeting. Meg urges Craig to make a family for the baby. Lily leaves for her date with Dusty, and Emma reprimands Holden for letting Lily go. Emily’s astonished as she watches Lily kiss Dusty hello.

Evan barely has time to warn Chris when Bob arrives, angry Chris has loaned Evan lab space. Chris threatens to leave if he’s not taken seriously, and he and Emily end up walking out on Bob and Kim. Emily suggests that nothing’s keeping Chris in Oakdale and he should leave. Emily wants to have fun and Chris wants more. Dusty has second thoughts about pushing Lily into a relationship, but she tells him this is where she wants to be.

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