As the World Turns Episode Recap, Wednesday, November 19, 2008

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Episode #13,400----Lily and Holden visit Lucinda at the hospital, where Lucinda and Brian have just confirmed that they’ll be getting married. Lily is alarmed at the news. Brian goes to call the judge and run some wedding errands as Lily has a moment alone with her mother. Lily explains her concern and Lucinda defends her actions. Lily understands that Lucinda doesn’t want to die alone. Lily wants

Lucinda to be happy. Brian has Lucinda sign a pre-nuptial agreement to show that there are no strings. He gives her his Princeton class ring and they exchange vows. Lily and Holden are moved. Meanwhile, Noah helps Luke sober up. He gives him coffee at Java, then after Luke starts to insult him, Noah takes him home. Luke doesn’t want Noah to leave, but when Noah does, Luke goes after him. Brian, running home after his wedding to Lucinda to get her some clothes for tomorrow, finds Luke on the road, picks him up and brings him home. Luke cleans himself up but is a total wreck emotionally. Brian consoles him, hugs him, and finally kisses Luke. Luke’s out of it at first, then pulls away and staggers upstairs. Brian is overwhelmed.

Liberty tries to convince Carly that Janet’s merely a human being who makes mistakes, like her, but doesn’t get through. Carly then prepares a worried Sage for the custody hearing. Parker tells Sage that if she says Janet hits her, Sage won’t be around Janet or Jack. Sage is upset. Janet gives Jack back his ring, saying she can’t wear it while this Sage situation is still unresolved. Jack convinces her that he needs her to get through this. They love each other. He puts the ring back on her and they embrace.

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