As the World Turns Episode Recap, Wednesday, November 14, 2007

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{mosimage}Episode #13,144----Emily stuns Dusty when she says won’t work with him anymore and wants him to buy her out of the paper. Dusty won’t allow Emily to let her meaningless affair with Chris ruin her career. Emily tells Dusty they’re going to be moving in together. Dusty thinks Emily is in denial about her feelings for him. If Dusty won’t buy her out of the paper, she’ll sue him for breach of contract.

Lily and Holden tell their kids they’re separating. Dallas convinces Noah to take the personal effects from Noah’s mother. Holden arrives to see Bonnie and she gives him the separation agreement. Noah and Luke go through his mother’s belongings. Lily tries to get through to Faith, as Bonnie gives Holden a supportive hug. Lily walks in, unnoticed, sees Holden in another woman’s arms. Lily and Dusty meet at the bar, both low after losing their relationships, grab a bottle of scotch and head out together. To forget their problems, Noah helps Luke exercise and Luke gets feelings in his legs.

Meg sees the PI following her, and rushes home to accuse Craig of having her followed. Rosanna blasts Jim on the phone for letting Meg see him. Knowing the PI is on his way, Rosanna sends Paul out on an errand. Craig convinces Meg he is not having her followed, but Craig is twigged. Craig goes to see Rosanna and wonders why she’s having Meg followed, but she doesn’t let on about the paternity test. Meg calls Paul, pressing him to come to the hospital to be there when she has DNA paternity tests done. Paul returns to Rosanna who’s heard their conversation, and is upset when Paul rushes out. Paul shows up to be with Meg for her test results, when he turns and sees an upset Rosanna. Before Paul can defend himself, Rosanna suffers a seizure. Meg runs into Craig, as Rosanna lay unconscious.

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