As the World Turns Episode Recap, Wednesday, November 12, 2008

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Episode #13,395----Emily tries to convince Dusty that Josie’s scamming him but Dusty refuses to let her go, regardless, and instead tells Emily any romantic relationship they had is over. Josie goes shopping and bumps into Barbara who needs help with her Trunk show at Fashions. Initially wary, Barbara warms to Josie when she offers to help. Back at Barbara’s hotel room, Josie sees a picture of Hal and tells Barbara he looked like a warm and giving person. Barbara’s touched by Josie’s accurate portrayal of Hal and Dusty’s elated that they’re bonding. Barbara gives Josie a dress for her help and Dusty, overcome by how much Josie looks like Jennifer in the dress, kisses her.

Brian sets Lily and Lucinda up to meet at the Lakeview. Both women are irritated about being tricked into seeing each other, but when Brian takes off Lily reaches out to Lucinda and Lucinda admits that her cancer is back. They reconcile and Lily takes Lucinda home to see the kids. Upon their return, Brian whisks Lucinda outside to play with Ethan. There he admits that he’d like to be with Lucinda in any way – even if it can’t be romantic at the moment. Inside, Lily finds out that Luke has been expelled for rigging the election after Noah told the dean the truth. Lily’s furious. Noah and Luke decide to take some time apart.

Casey attempts too late to take the fall for Luke and the dean expels him as well. Alison’s proud that Casey tried to do the right thing and they are happy to have each other as friends.

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