As the World Turns Episode Recap, Wednesday, May 21, 2008

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{mosimage}Episode #13272----Paul goes to visit his mother at work but finds Sophie instead. She tries to get closer to him but Paul keeps it professional and gives Sofie his credit card to but a new outfit for her jewelry kick-off party. Meanwhile, a sick Barbara collapses into Meg’s arms in Old Town, exhausted from radiation treatment. Meg helps her back to her room and agrees to be her fulltime nurse. Her first order of business is to have Barbara rest so she calls Sofie to cancel her plans. Tweaked, Paul comes to Barbara’s room and learns all. When he hears Barbara hired Meg to bring her closer to Paul, Paul calls Meg and lets her off the hook, knowing manipulation is not the way back to her heart.

Chris offers to help Alison with her schoolwork and they agree to meet in private to avoid gossip. However, once alone, Alison has a bad reaction when Chris innocently touches her and ends up walking out on him.

Casey and Emily are making love when Tom comes to the WorldWide office. As Casey hides under the desk and kisses her feet, Emily tries to hold a conversation with Tom about Daniel’s summer plans. The conversation leaves Emily convinced more than ever that the sex with Casey must stop or she risks losing Daniel. Casey agrees to come back to work but it is clear the attraction remains.

Luke and Noah react to the news that Col. Mayer has escaped from prison. Noah fears that Ameera may have been kidnapped while Luke speculates that she may be with him on her own accord. Noah finds Ameera’s cell phone and realizes the last dialed call was a number in Brooklyn, NY. Luke and Noah pledge their commitment to each other with a kiss. Luke goes to give the info to the cops when Noah gets a panicked call from Ameera and he starts making travel arrangements to NYC.

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