As the World Turns Episode Recap, Wednesday, March 19, 2008

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{mosimage}Episode #13,229----Holden, Luke, Noah and Ameera head to Homeland Security to extend Ameera’s visa. The Homeland Security Officer wonders why Ameera and Noah are living with the Snyders, but Holden and Luke defend. Holden warns them all to be careful; they’re being watched. Casey is surprised to learn that Ameera married Noah. Casey offers to walk Ameera to her class and assures her that men and women can be friends in America. Noah isn’t happy to see them together. Casey leaves and Noah snaps at Ameera. Luke urges him to continue the act with Ameera, even though it’s killing Luke inside.

Brad wakes up after having his stomach pumped and realizes Katie has been with him all night. Katie pretends she doesn’t care that Bonnie has come to visit Brad, then sadly watches them through the window. Brad offers to help Katie with Jack, but she tells him to go with Bonnie.

Margo gets a package from a delivery boy, inside is a gun – and a threat. Margo questions the delivery boy, who confirms that Nevins hired him to deliver the package. Margo and a cop wonder how they will catch Nevins when the FBI enters and tells her she’s under their protection now.

Carly’s sure the homeless woman who recognized Kit could help them. Jack wishes he could go to court with Parker and Carly. The DA lays out his case for why Parker is guilty and should be tried as an adult. Carly insists Kit fired the second, killing shot, but the DA points out they have no evidence of this. Tom is about to rest his case when Jack comes in. Jack tells Carly she should go look for the homeless woman. Carly finds the homeless woman, who finally admits she knows something about Kit. She gives Carly a receipt that proves Kit was in Oakdale the night Sam died. Carly bursts in to announce that they’ve hit pay dirt.

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