As the World Turns Episode Recap, Wednesday, June 25, 2008

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Episode #13,297----The day of Alison’s sexual harassment hearing against Chris arrives and both sides prepare. Susan almost catches Emily and Casey kissing when she comes to pick up Emily but they cover and Emily insists Casey go with his family. On the stand, Brenda is questioned and admits that Chris influenced her to give Alison a make up exam but cutting Alison from the program was her own decision. Bonnie puts Alison on the stand and Alison talks about how her relationship with Chris changed. When Tom cross-examines, he is temped to use Alison’s porn tape against her but Chris won’t let him. Tom puts Chris on the stand and Chris makes a very credible witness, insisting Brenda controls her own program. The judge deliberates and fines in favor of Chris. The Hughes’ go to celebrate but Casey says he thinks Alison got a raw deal and leaves. After everyone leaves, Alison finds Chris at the bar and tells him his punishment will be living with himself. Casey later finds Emily in the office writing an editorial and they end up making love.

Luke finds Noah working at Java. As they talk, a cop enters and takes Noah to the station. Worried, Luke follows him there as the cops announced Col. Mayer officially dead and hand Noah his father’s dog tags. Luke realizes Noah still blames him for interrupting his final moments with his father. Noah denies but admits it’s hard to accept that his father is dead and he’ll never be able to reconcile with him. Noah leaves and Luke says he will give Noah his space but will never stop loving him.

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