As the World Turns Episode Recap, Wednesday, June 18, 2008

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{mosimage}Episode #13,292----Carly drops JJ off at the farm for Emma to baby-sit and has an awkward moment with Holden. After she goes, Holden calls Lily and asks her out on a date. They get dressed up and have a romantic dinner at the Lakeview. Meanwhile, Carly goes back to work at Metro where Henry has just received a windfall from Gray Gerard’s estate. Henry wants to invest some of the money in Metro and go into business with Carly but she is unsure. Later, when Holden and Lily arrive, looking to dance, Carly has to cover her hurt. Wanting to get out of there and his mind off Carly, Holden takes Lily back home where they make love. When Carly arrives to pick up JJ, Lily tells her the good news that she and Holden are back together. Carly tries to be supportive but can’t help feel bad. Meanwhile, Henry tries with limited success to convince Vienna that Metro would be a good investment.

Sofie switches Barbara’s vials and leaves her with a much higher dosage of morphine. Meg comes in, finds Barbara in pain and insists on giving her a dose, unaware of the switch. The drug almost kills Barbara and they rush her to the hospital. Meg is horrified to realize she administered the wrong dosage and confesses. Paul thinks there must be an explanation and Meg discovers that a vial of morphine is missing from the hospital. Meanwhile, Sofie pays Cole for stealing the morphine and insists she hopes Paul will blame Meg for this accident and come back to her.

Luke finds out Noah is at the police station with Ameera who has just been released from custody. A lawyer is working on her case and she will relocate to LA to live with friends of her mother’s from Iraq. Ameera tells them she has having the marriage annulled and urges them to be happy together before she goes. Alone with Luke, Noah admits he saw him with Reg but Luke insists nothing is going on and wants to be with Noah. Noah can’t accept.

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