As the World Turns Episode Recap, Wednesday, July 16, 2008

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Episode #13,212----Carly is enjoying her time with Neal in New York but when he goes for more than a kiss, she resists and he says no problem. He has a meeting and suggests she get an in-room massage. Carly takes off all her clothes in preparation and is shocked when Holden shows up instead of the masseuse. Holden says he can’t stop thinking of her and will leave Lily if Carly just says the word. Carly says he can’t do that but they end up making love. Neal knocks on the door when Holden is there and Carly tells him to wait for her in the bar. After she sends Holden away, Carly begins to pack. Neal eventually returns and Carly apologizes but she can’t go to Paris with him because there is someone else. He guesses that its Holden and Carly asks him not to say anything to anyone. Meanwhile, when Holden returns to Oakdale, Lily sees that he is a wreck and asks what’s happened. Guilty, Holden finally tells her he’s having an affair.

Barbara tells Paul and Meg about Rick’s findings. Meg is angry that Barbara suspects her and goes. Meg finds Rick in the hospital and asks why he’s doing this to her as Paul arrives and punches Decker. Meanwhile, Margo questions the maid and finds out that Meg had an argument with Sofie before she died. She also gets the report from Decker implicating Meg. Margo tells Meg the evidence is mounting up against her and Meg fears the worst. Later, Paul gets a call from Sofie’s doctor who says there was a mix up with the sonograms and Sofie’s baby was younger than they thought. Paul and Meg realize Paul was not the father and head to see if Mike can help them figure out who was. Meanwhile, Cole shows up in Barbara’s room and paints a scenario suggesting Barbara was high on morphine when she killed Sofie and Cole saw the whole thing. Cole demands $100,000 to keep his mouth shut.

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