As the World Turns Episode Recap, Wednesday, January 30, 2008

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{mosimage}Episode #13,191----Brad uses his injury to get close to an increasingly annoyed Katie. Vienna advises that Brad take the emotional route to Katie’s heart. Katie runs into Jack and Parker, and later Brad tries to tell Katie of his feelings, but she runs out before he has the chance.

Carly and Jack hope to get help for Parker, but he’s not interested. When Parker leaves the room, Dr. Seidman discusses with Carly and a reluctant Jack how their problems may be affecting Parker and the other children. Jack promises to work with Carly to help Parker. Sam sympathizes with Carly over Rosanna’s swift decline and advances his campaign to win Carly. Metro is freezing and Carly invites Sam to Milltown. Sam pretending to be just a friend maneuvers Carly into a romantic situation.

Barbara confides her condition to Lisa. Lisa urges Barbara to tell her family about her oral cancer. Alison brings reluctant Casey inside to see Will, Gwen and Hallie. Will tries to help Casey adjust to return to normal life. Casey runs into Lisa who hires him on the spot. Lisa tells Casey how the tips are divided and where they are kept. Barbara shows up to tell Will and Gwen about her cancer, and Barbara finally gets to meet her granddaughter. Barbara savoring her first meeting with Hallie avoids revealing that she has cancer.

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