As the World Turns Episode Recap, Wednesday, January 23, 2008

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{mosimage}Episode #13,189----Will and Gwen offer to take Barbara to Dusty’s memorial. Sofie offers to babysit Hallie, but Will turns her down.

Holden is thwarted in his attempt to get rid of the incriminating syringe. He reminds disoriented Lily that Dusty’s dead. Lily has holes in her memory of the night of the murder. She insists on attending the service, but Holden won’t let her go alone.

Alison arrives to take Emily to the memorial, but Emily won’t go. Emily tells Ali that Dusty told Chris about her hooker past. Based on private knowledge, Susan thinks it’s a good thing for Emily not to attend the service.

Margo hands Dusty’s phone records over to Dallas, then leaves for the service. At the service, Craig confronts Meg, but she rebuffs him and Barbara and Lucinda drive him off. Gwen comforts Barbara, then asks about her altered speech. Barbara blames bad dental work. Lily wants her memory back, in hope she can help catch Dusty’s killer. Susan remembers seeing Holden by the drug cart on the night of the murder. Alison and Will eulogize Dusty. Sofie plays with Hallie and is hard on the sitter. Susan invites Emily to Al’s with her and Ali. Emily declines and stays behind for a private moment. Lily blames Emily for Dusty’s death. Emily realizes Lily’s the one who told Chris about her secret past.

Craig asks Meg to allow him to stay at Montgomery Enterprises. Emily tells Susan Dusty’s death is her fault. Emily’s grief and self-blame scare Susan enough that she calls Margo with her evidence. Susan tells Margo about seeing Holden by the drugs the night of the murder. Lily accepts Holden’s invitation to stay at the farm. Lily and Holden arrive home, and Margo confronts them with the syringe. Holden confesses to hiding it, and leaves in police custody.

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