As the World Turns Episode Recap, Wednesday, February 27, 2008

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{mosimage}Episode #13,214----Noah wants do right by Ameera, finish what his father started. Luke invites Ameera to stay. Noah gets phone call; his father has requested a visit at Statesville Prison. Luke thinks he should go to ask about Ameera. Ameera finally convinces Noah to let her go with him to the prison. Noah hits a rut in the road and the truck veers off. Too far away to go for help the three friends decide to spend the night on the side of the road. Ameera feels uncomfortable sharing a sleeping area with boys, but Noah offers to be in the middle. Luke appreciates closeness with Noah and notices Ameera’s attention to Noah.

Gwen wonders if they’ve wrongly taken Hallie away from Sofie. Will eases Gwen’s doubts. Gwen and Will arrive to see Sofie with Paul. Will wants to know what Paul is doing hanging out with Sofie. Chris invites Sofie out to dinner, but she blows him off to buy a present for Hallie. A nurse reminds Barbara she needs a family member to take her home after radiation. Barbara announces she doesn’t approve of Sofie’s new friendship with Paul. Will thinks something is wrong with Barbara.

Henry sees Vienna and Gray kissing. Vienna pushes Gray away. Brad tracks Gray down in the lounge. Katie finds upset Vienna. Vienna admits she misses her old lifestyle, but she does love Henry. Gray gives Brad his business card. Brad and Katie intervene and insist he go home and claim his woman. Vienna dresses in sexy negligee and her advances finally work on Henry.

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