As the World Turns Episode Recap, Wednesday, February 17, 2010

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Episode #13,710 --- Casey goes looking for Alison and he finds her checking on Mick. Upset Casey goes but Ali follows him. She pleads with him to understand, but he can't forgive her. Ali returns to hospital where Emily tries to comfort her but Ali has to take care of something. She goes to collect her things at Tom and Margo's, when Casey shows up. She tells him she's moving out and Casey wonders if she thought maybe he pushed her to get married. Ali assures him she wanted it just as much as him, but maybe it was too fast. There's a thaw between them that's halted by Ali's cell phone ringing. A nurse tells her Mick's taken a turn for the worse.

At the hospital, Paul visits Mick and would pull out Mick's ventilator but his conscious won't let him - even when Mick, awake, motions for Paul to end his live. Emily's proud of Paul when he tells her he didn't kill Mick. Ali goes to Mick's bedside. She tells him that she's sorry she couldn't save him. Mick flat lines. Ali kisses him and his heartbeat starts up again. Back at the Hughes', Casey forlornly looks at the engagement ring Ali left behind.

Liberty and Janet go to the hospital for another chemo treatment, but the doctor tells them the medication has affected Liberty's immune system too much and they're going to let her rest and recuperate before they resume the chemotherapy. Both are disheartened. Later, Liberty finds Janet's bone marrow donor list and secretly checks to see if there have been any matches – there haven't. She goes to Jack and asks him to help her tell Janet that there haven't been any matches. He complies and Jack suggests that Janet reach out to more of her family, even the ones she no longer gets along with, like her parents.

Carly and Craig meet a potential investor in Monte Carlo. Craig makes Carly pretend they are dating to seal the deal. Jack sees them canoodling and tells Carly she shouldn't trust Craig. Carly tells Jack he can't tell her what to do. They wind up passionately kissing. Jack must go to help Liberty. Carly's ashamed with her behavior, so she goes back to Craig who lies and tells her that the investors on board with Monte Carlo, even though the investor actually bowed because of Carly's crazy history.