As the World Turns Episode Recap, Wednesday, February 10, 2010

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Episode #13,705 ---- Lily wants Luke to put Damian and Holden in their proper place. He must continue to think of Holden as his father, and he can't let thoughts of Damian turn him against Holden. Privately, Lily wonders if Holden could have killed Damian.

Maddie is looking for a roommate. Noah suggests himself, though it might be awkward for Luke because of their history. So Maddie thinks of getting a third roommate.

Reid calls Katie on her second thoughts about having Jacob tested as a bone marrow donor. Reid and Katie have had a thaw. Reid has experienced loss in his way, with some patients having died, and he takes personal responsibility for those losses, that he must fight harder the next time. Katie has obviously experienced loss, with Brad. She's upset and Reid, despite his cold front, consoles her.

Henry interferes with Reid, so Reid has Henry quarantined by an orderly for tuberculosis.